Reach High, Fly High

"Reach High, fly high!"

Why fly?

You would probably ask me why I choose this kind of heading, why not discover this? Why not know the reason and be convinced to fly and reach it to the highest.

Have you ever seen a bird flying up so high? Have you ever wonder why they soar to the highest? Why they move to discover something? Its because that’s the way life it is.

Learning is the basic source of knowledge and of course the school is an institution where everyone learn, activities in school can always be stored in this blog and so with the daily facts. Trainings and workshops never end and these are our guide in our everyday life. Learning will never end, it will always continue to process and is definitely a lifetime.

In this journey of life we all have discovery of the different places we have gone and so with the place where we could find the sweetest word “HOME”. Let us tour the world and experience the majestic power of God in the beauty of nature and in the creativity of the people.

(“The Ruins” at Talisay city, Negros Occidental)

But in line with the above ideas, discovering our own is the most significant learning we could ever achieve in our whole life. Lets start it with the basic things and down to the most complicated in us.

Lets all fly, and lets all say FLY HIGH, REACH HIGH!


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