A Closer Look at the Place Where I Stay

the official seal of Impasugong Bukidnon

Our family have been living at Impasugong for almost 15 long years and with that, I have witnessed how it slowly evolved and continued to stay strong as time goes by. I also learned to love the place and explored the uniqueness of the hometown I have.

Impasugong can always be recognized because of cattle, cows and horses. Everybody know that Impasugong is the ” Home of Country’s Finest Cowboys” and is considered as “Rodeo Capital of Mindanao”

I love Impasugong, its my birthplace and with this I started to research its history and a little of its tradition and culture. There is a feature of  the place where I am so interested with, its all about the different tribal rituals made by an old native man or “Datu” who knows how to do it, these are made for a specific reason and season.

These are the following tribal ritual made and its brief info:

PAMAHANDI— It is a thanksgiving ritual for all the blessings a particular person received for the entire year. This as made on the first month of the year

PAMALAS–It is a lumad version of a wedding ceremony

SINAMPO–It is a Higaonon way of a ritual prayer.This prayer is made before the Kalalagan festival formally opens.

TAMPODA HO BALAGON— A traditional way of ending a dispute among the tribes. the ritual involves the  scattering of sand and water.

Impasugong is the land of treasures, but not of gold  or precious stones, but is rich with natural  resources like pineapples, banana and high value vegetables and others .That is why we, the people of Impasugong are satisfied of the simple lives we have.

When it comes to livelihood. Indigenous products such abaca–based  handicrafts are skillfully woven, and of course according to the http://r10.dti.gov.ph--these products are “time-honored crafts reflecting the rich culture and tradition of Bukidnon tribes.”

These ares example of finished abaca based handicrafts:


Impasugong Bukidnon is really my pride. For me its really a hidden paradise, it should be discovered for I know this simple place will be one of the future’s most productive municipality not just inside the province of Bukidnon but also in the whole Philippines.

Resource persons and websites:

Mr Jahre El leonard Tanedo– one of the natives living in Impasugong

Mr. Devibar-  another native at Impasugong

Mr. Allan Ranalan- a government employee of the municipality of Impasugong



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