The Sweetest Trip

Fascinating and unique culture, alive and precise stories of it’s history, majestic and intact tourist destinations, distinct recipes and delicious delicacies. Where else?

Just when I heard of a place called Negros Occidental, a thought of just a simple place came into my mind. But in the journey that I have experienced ,I soon found out that the place was really an extraordinary one.

The first stop was at the cradle of history, Silay city. I witnessed the splendid ancestral houses of hacienderos or the sugar cane planters. Stories of each house were great and unbelievable just like how a boy court a girl , how all the ladies respect with all their heart the Holy People or the priests and how the children were disciplined well by their parents. It was different, the things that happened that time were very inspiring.

These are some of the ancestral houses I visited:

*the house with no nail
*Rene Dimacali’s house

Balay Negrense, one of the historical houses of Negros, built by Don Victor Gaston, is a twelve- room house where we can find a taste of the long time ago lives of the prominent Filipinos. Things are still intact on the house from it’s roof to its underground. The story of the beautiful house is still very original because of the old pictures, books and the things inside it.

Another ancestral house in Silay city was the Hofileña heritage house managed by Mr. Ramon Severino H. Hofileña to the public. He opened his doors and made me discover all the interesting facts in his house, in Negros Occidental, and even in the Philippines. In general, his house was like a museum where we can find the world’s smallest doll, world’s most precious stone–the tectites, toys of the world and an art gallery where I was able to find the different works of the Philippine artists and even a taste of the masterpieces of the artists of the world.

The next stop was at the two of the most unique church of Negros Occidental. The first church was at the village inside Victoria Milling Corporation, where various version of art can be found. The mural painting in its front was painted 60 years ago. The painting is still very original from the time it was painted including the colors and the symbolic approach to the viewers. The church also have its Filipino version of the Holy family statue, the station of the cross was also very interesting because it was a Filipino version where the people inside the story were Filipinos and including the common things where Filipino use.
*Mama Mary in her Maria Clara Dress Inside the  church.

Manapla Cartwheel church was the second of the exquisite churches I have visited. I observerde another work of art of the Negrenses. The church was constructed from the idea of Monseyor Gaston where all the materials that can only be found in that specific place where the only things used. Each of the details present on that church has its meanings and each meaning of it stengthen the people to go on life with God.
instead of a cross Monseyor Gaston changed it into a wheel
The Manapla church
The last stop, not the least but the best destination I discovered. The Ruins in the middle of the sugarcane plantation was the most exquisite one. The great foundation of the whole building and the story behind it added to the interest of all the people who saw it. I found out that the the house experienced a lot of struggles and sad fate when it was burned, but see, until now the beautiful house is still alive and even time goes by,its beaty never end. The ruins is a really a heaven, where the power of God and the creativity of man meet.
the chimney
The Ruins
The trip ended but remembering of the sweet memories at Negros Occidental will never fade away.
Negros Occidental has it all… and it was my sweetest trip at the Sugar Capital of the Philippines!


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