Its Nice to Be back in School

Goodbye facebook ,

hello textbooks!

Goodbye twitter,

hello teacher!

Goodbye keyboard,

hello blackboard!

Goodbye chatmates,

hello classmates!

Wow! summer have just ended

I received this text message from my friend and I really realized that this favorite hangout is  over and summer is over too. The gist of scholastic activities are on our way. Its nice to be back in school! nice to meet our new classmates and encounter remarkable teachers  for this new school year.

The essence of being a student is here!

Well, as a student we should have our own preparation for this event.

Here are some of my tips to get you ready for school.

      *Prepare and have your basic requirement in school specifically your school supplies. stuffs are needed of course in schooling.

      *Arrange these things in your bag properly before the first day begins.

      * Advance study and review these lessons. Its nice to prepare ourselves with such learnings, right?

      * Sleep early. unlike the summer days, this time we should sleep early in order to wake up early. Its best to be a prompt student.

      * Have yourself totally prepared for school. This is the best way you could do. Be excited, think positive for school and get ready for the events that will happen for this school year!

These are just tips, but at least these will help you a little in your first day in


Summer is really over and another school year for all pupils and us students is really here. Lets get ready for this year, bringing our best and guts!

Good Luck!


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