The Fun We Had During Campblog 1C..

The Official campblog IC I.D.

I could still remember the things I did when I was chosen as one of the participants.

I could still remember how it feels to ride on an airplane without any  elder companion.

I could still smell the essence of being at Negros Occidental.

That’s when I was one of the very fortunate, chosen few campblog 1C participants.

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At this point of time I’ve been missing so much the things we always do everyday for that ten day seminar.I have learned so much from the teachers I have met, they were so good that I have been wishing of seeing them again. The classmates I’ve been with. I was so pleased being with them It was very precious to me that even a single happening and event that happened there was always with my mind as I continue maintaining the only lifetime remembrance I have “The Blog of mine”.

One thing that makes me laugh was the time I was there. There were times I was laughing so much and so hard and so with my new friends there. We were in complete state of happiness with contentment in our hearts. That was really very memorable.

The fun we had was because of CICT and so with the Campblog Staffs , the mentors and the participants as well. God will really shower them beautiful blessings because of the countless and priceless learnings we’ve got.

Thank you So much for that FUN WE HAD AT NEGROS OCCIDENTAL!


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