I really like you when. . . (The things I usually act or do with the people I love to be with *charLeng!)

 – Mu-reply ko saimung GM- It means nga isa ka sa mga tao nga ganahan nko makatext ug unlimited ko. 😀 

 Mutubag ko saimung tawagHahaha! bisan pag unsa na nga oras ka manawag ug matubag ko nah alam na brow! BET Kai tka!

When I tell you my secrets – Its really hard for me to trust, but when I like the person I sure tell him/her my secrets lalalala ana ra ka simple.. 

When I compliment your character – Yahay jud syag icompliment nko sya, maau bya ko mangatik.. Mhehehee but when I commend someone. I am sincere jud ana.. 😀

When you are outstanding among others in my own perspective – Yeah! I easily get attracted to extraordinary people AMbot ngano?

kung ang imung treatment saako, lahi rajud saakong gaka-feel sa uban.- Hahaha Tested and proven njud na nga kung kinsa ang unique saakung mga naagian well, I started to like the person nadaun.

When I ask you to be with me for a short time- Its really true. When I ask some time to be with him/her that just means one thing I like him/ her. 


. . . to be continued



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