Liking someone who doesn’t even care about you. . .

Its been almost 5 months since I was able to meet up this mysterious guy that I am admiring a lot. I really like him but the problem is that he just can’t like me back and its so frustrating. 😦

The thing is there really are times when you would like someone without their mutual liking too and sometimes it pains us a lot knowing that they really are into someone who’s unfortunately not us. Well, I think its part of the promos of what life offers to us human being. Our feelings may be wasted but lessons could be drawn upon it, now that makes it amazingly good. though it hurts its a part of growing

To this man, I want you to know that you know who you are. You know what? I really admire your convictions, principles, beliefs, your being a mysterious creepy man I ever knew, to be honest everything about you keeps the butterflies in panic in my whole body. You seem to be an adventure and at the same time a challenge in my life that during these times I love the way how I feel for you though its not really that happy ending since I can really feel the beat of your heart towards more pretty girls and as I see, they are not really like me who’s way too simple and a little bit of miss not-so-popular. I really find you so interesting and that makes me up beat with my feelings for you. I don’t really know what’s with in me that keeps me on track of liking or loving or so much obsessed with you. Finally, one thing is for sure,I won’t mind about your stuffs towards girls you really like (BHALAG SAKIT SAAKONG SIDE HAHAHA CHARLANG) I want you to know that please continue being YOU! Never hesitate to be happy and make yourself happy and contented as long as you live bahalag unsa pna imung buhatun, just do it. Stay safe lang jud and always think of your health.



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