“Someone else’s private life is very important, now I understand that being passive is better than telling your friends the truth and the every detail of your life because they would always come up with the worst conclusion.”

Just this morning, I witnessed something very alarming, due to issues and rumor, a commotion sprout between my close friends. It was about a very sensitive topic, too personal and too private to be used against someone to make her shut up or end the discussion.

I am not taking sides but as the story went through my ears from the one who was there in the incident I realized that words really break and it make someone in pain no matter how true or far-fetched it is. Way too private life of a person is not our business anymore and I am so damn sorry for the ones I backbite when it comes to those issues, I should have kept my mouth shut and just go on.

Life indeed has full of challenges people have such diverse attitudes and characteristics when it comes to their own perspectives they become traitors, backstabbers, backbiters, insensitive and the worse they speak beyond our expectations which literally means to come to the point of making their own generalizations that they are our life to the point of making so much to say, the negatives prevail, now that makes it so hard for our lives to push through since we, the affected ones are indignant, wounded and vexed.

Due to this issue I learned important things;

 I must not judge anyone. Theirs are theirs and I have nothing to do with their lives either, I admit I backbite people because of the issues they are having not knowing that those aren’t really true and the person involved have nothing to do with me either. Well next time I’ll stop judging others. It’s unnecessary and it’s something that helps since I wouldn’t hurt anyone by doing so.

I must not tell anyone about my whereabouts, after the talk that I had with a reliable friend, I was able to conclude that I really couldn’t trust anyone, even to the ones I rely the most (cousins, close friends, best friends) because they always have something to say against me, now it hurts and I even want to confront them for coming up with those things. Where the hell did you just get those? I am the most talkative person on earth and I tell you ALL the things I do, where the hell did you just get the info or too implausible generalization? “unsa nalang kaha si DARLING?” WHAT DAH! I can’t really trust anyone.

I must be sensitive towards other feelings enough, because of the happening that just happened I realized I must note and feel other else’s shoes before making a word. It’s hard not to react about certain things but it’s really better to just shut up, be emphatic about stuffs and  issues, know the both sides of the problem and arising phenomena or just be passive since it is really significant to note that others too have their own lives and feelings.

I still have so much to say but may I end this topic with the phrase towards judging other people. Always bear in mind that the things you say to others don’t reflect their lives it’s a mirror of the ones telling it or it’s a reflection of you. So we better care for our own and not to others, take our own business seriously and leave them for being the people they are now. That’s how fucking simple it is. 


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