Teaching short stories by Roald Dahl

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Connected Teaching and Learning

Pre-study activities: 

To learn about Roald Dahl and his writing. Roald Dahl was born in Wales on the 13 of September 1916 by Norwegian parents.His mother used to read to him in Norwegian. Roald Dahl wrote a letter to his mother each week from his school days and until she died 32 years later.

  1. Listen to Garrison Geller talk about Roal Dahl on “the writer’s almanac” and read “there is no knowing what we shall see” a poem from James and the Giant Peach (Penguin). (he starts to talk about Roald Dahl after 1:20 minutes!)
  2. Roald Dahl’s short stories are often used in schools. Look here for his website.
  3. Pre-reading do these tasks before you read the short story The Landlady

Lesson plan:

  1. Read the short story “The landlady”
  2. Do these tasks connected to the story and watch Hitchcock version here.
  3. Word work – language in…

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