A post for BOSS <3

My thoughts would sometimes think of something my heart can’t just give away and it’s giving up on you but I realized that even if the entire SILENCE of the world enfolds your entity, my heart still beats and pumps for you. I have been very much observant about you and each moment that I keep on thinking about you, I just can’t stop smiling on the way everything happened and no matter how far we are I just want you to know that this arrangement fits me well and I should say I could endure everything just please stay with what’s between us. 

I deeply understand how stubborn I am but you are 10 times more than I am to handle. 😀 But just like what I always tell you, I really really like you and no one will like you the way I am liking you now. 😛 so please, let’s stay the same. 

But when the time comes that the one destined for you will officially come and get you from me, I won’t be a barrier. 🙂 As long as I see you happy and gratifide, I will never be a hindrance for your true love. Since, freedom’s still with us, I will always treasure what’s for this present gives and offers. I wish to be yours alone but God won’t allow me I think, I can’t be the girl you wish to have, so I am valuing every moment even the long silent ones thinking that these are still gifts and they mean a lot to me especially when I think so much of you. XOXO ❤



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