“I could still remember the nights when I was just a little girl who would demand and beg for my mother a story before I sleep and the story which interest and crave me the most is the story of me having my own younger siblings, cute little ones whom I’ll be happily play and be with someday. I would never forget those nights that after the story has been delivered by my mother, I would pray and wish so hard to make it real, to make it all come true”ImageImage


My lovely mother is a public school teacher. My handsome father is a landscape architect. I am the eldest of us 5 siblings and so I have 2 cute younger brothers and 2 pretty younger sisters happily living in our ‘lil home. The dream I fervently wished for was granted.

A simple one.

That’s the first modifier that I could begin with in describing my family. We may be poor but in some ways we are luxurious in respect and understanding towards each other. There is unity and happiness in everyday that we are together. Just like a typical Filipino family, we are closely knit and the foundation of our family is solid with obedience, compassion and love and these things were taught to use from the very start of our development to let it grow and ripple in our personalities. My family honor rules and policies inside and outside the home. Discipline and being pressured to grow as a well-rounded citizen has been inculcated to us since both of my parents have high regard towards being polite and strict in observing the importance of morality and the society’s norms and beliefs.

In the home, there is teamwork; we help each other to be able to finish our daily tasks. We were trained to be responsible and in everything that we do we are obliged to tell it to our parents. We are spiritually strong in faith since we pray and go to church together, this then means that every weekend of our lives is a family day, a time for us to talk a lot and be together in harmony in our own home.

My beautiful family has undoubtedly shaped and molded me to become the person that I am now. They have designed my entity from the experiences and first hand trainings that I got from my parents. I would get the traits that I have now on the way my parents treat each other as a couple in the eyes of us, their children, I found love and everlasting image of care which is innate in me towards the people around me. I observed kindness and empathy towards the folks around me and this was developed on the way how our parents treat us. The words of my parents were like commandments to be conformed and so my personality was built to be firm, kind and considerate. Right things are to be done but there are exceptions, meaning, my family taught me the idea of powerful thinking over things and significant matters.

My family serves as the primary reason and purpose why I study hard because I intend to graduate and hopefully help my parents along the way. I strive hard to repay my parents’ sacrifices and hard works just for us to go school, eat 3 times a day and live conveniently.  I dreamed of finishing college and earn a higher degree because of them. They made me dreamed of having a car which has a bigger space, probably a van to make us all 7 ride blissfully and comfortably in it. I choose to own a big and expensive house and make it a home together with them. They are my inspiration to be successful someday because I want them to be exultant and to have the things we are still dreaming and wishing at this moment. My family is my priority in making my goals and aspirations come true. Whenever I see them, I get so inspired to keep up and do something good because I love them very much.



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