7 Things You Are Doing That Are Definitely Making You Average

1) You equate work to your life

You allow your job scope and the size of your salary measure your worth. You also accept all the toxicity at work and conclude that nothing can be done.

As such, your state of happiness is largely based on whatever that happens at work. And despite you not being in the office, your lifestyle still centres around work.

Life is too short to keep thinking about work. Work will not last forever, so does your life.

Step it up! Remember that you’re not your job.

2) You’re consumed by social media and apps

Social media and mobile apps make for really good communication and convenience. We can’t deny that.

However, how much of it are you using? Do you realize that how much time you’re wasting and also how is has spread to other areas of your life?

E.g. Yes, it’s extremely comfortable and convenient to surf the web with your phone while lying down on your bed. But do you see that your overall health, energy and your eyesight are all affected?

A lot people do not realize how much social media has affected them on a subconscious level. If you don’t want to be average, then dump the social and delete the apps. There’re many other healthier things you can do in your spare time.

3) You always consider yourself “busy”

Let me blunt: Busy is bullshit. Everybody is busy today. But if you truly want to make time for something, you’ll make that time. No excuses.

We’re indeed busy. We’ve work, bills to pay, people to take care and we have to rush for whatever. But it’s honestly your choice to break out of that cycle of ALWAYS being occupied.

Try it out for once. If you don’t, then you’re stuck in that cycle. Non-average people constantly rise up and make time to make things happen.

On a side note, if a loved one claims to always be too busy for you, then it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship. You shouldn’t need to be taken for granted like that.

4) You take solace in gossip and talking about others

And by doing that, you completely omit the idea of reflecting on your flaws.

It’s pretty rampant in a lot of us isn’t it?

When we feel insecure or scared of something, instead of reflecting and rising up to get things down, we start gossiping and talking behind people’s back. We put them down to give ourselves a false sense of security.

It’s a very average thing to waste time on ranting about others. Stop it. Keep focusing on yourself instead and start doing great things. Achieve all your dreams!

5) You take vacations once a year only

And it’s usually only to some place safe.

Well to put it simply, an average person in life doesn’t get to see much of the world. They think that their world is wherever they are only.

That’s practically living by one culture, one lifestyle and one way of life only.

So travel whenever you can. That’s the straight forward way of opening up to life and being more than ordinary.

6) You stick to a relationship out of comfort, not love

And like most average and unhappy couples, you complain about it non-stop, but lack the courage to break away from it. You then constantly wonder if the grass is greener on the other side or how your life would have turned out if you didn’t meet your partner.

Personally, as with all aspects of life, comfort and stability are both overrated. It is safe, but it will never be exciting or able to fulfil all that your heart really wants.

You owe it to yourself to be with the one you’re meant to be. Your heart will know when he or she arrives. Have the courage to break away from a relationship that no longer serves you. I guarantee the next one will be better.

7) You think the world owes you a living

You think that others should do things for you because of various reasons.

You complain and complain, hoping that things will be better.

Heck, even when you’re wronged or life dealt you a short hand, you believe that “luck” or some karmic forces will turn your life around for you.

Don’t you see how that’s expecting everything to be done for you?

It’s normal to be complacent from time to time. But it’s extremely average to feel that you can’t take things in your own hands.

Life is tough. But you’d always have the power of choice to make your life better any time, anywhere. Do it.


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