The ending was the most hilarious one. That will always be unforgettable. I did not expect I would just laugh at him like I’m crazy and stare at him because for God’s sake it was my last chance to converse. 

It may sound stupid but I was stupid yeah!!! 

We talked, I was too shitty, I told him all the bad words that I could say but I just end up laughing because deep inside me, I was foolish. I tried to spank and punch him everywhere, I really want to, but still the pattern goes like it was crazy, I was crazy, I laughed a lot, I stared at him so much like he’s going to die soon. 

Huhu.. I even knelt for his love but he just got mad and so I stood up. I will eat my pride for this time, I love him like that. What the hell is happening with me??? O.o 

No one will understand how I like him that much. But the end has finally come true. But I smiled because I know I did something new, and it was having a very good no, not good but FUNNY closure ever. 

He will always be the most unforgettable man I once have and I still thank God about his existence. Joke rtung mamatay siya LORD. Ayawnalang diay siya pat-ya kai mag Engineer sa daw siya. 🙂

Important points na dili juuuud nako limtam saiya ug akong mga bopols nga tubag.

  • You are toooo much for me. Dili ko para saimu.Ikaw man akong gusto. T.T
  • Unsa man gyud imung gusto diay?IKAW!
  • Kung makarealize ka, balik ha?Ayaw jud kog baliki ug makarealize ko dear. PLEASE LANG

SAWI JUD KO, pro okay nako. dili nko kahilak. pkatawa nalang ko pero inlab lang gyapun ko adtung tawhana. 🙂



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