The man who gave me so much to remember

Years had actually pass so fast that at this moment I’ll be graduating I’ll soon pass the aisle to the fullness of my degree that I am taking and I am actually on the track of achieving the things that I was just actually dreaming of ever since.

Just today I was checking on my things, cleaning a little on the mess that I have in my room when I saw a familiar paper bag filled with stuffs which were so much way back. I can’t help but smile and then open it excitedly as if I was opening a grand gift on the day of my birthday, OH GOSH!; the letters, the tokens and the faded roses still kept from the man I can’t get over with, the man who gave me so much to remember, STILL never fail to take my breath away even at this point, his thoughtfulness his love and affection are still breathing, still warm and present in these stuff that I just have even today. Well, that’s just how good he was in making me feel so great when we were still on the same feelings with that dumb shit love affair.

I know, this shows how it’s like when someone can’t move on move further or move on for a brand new life, adventure and experience for someone new. Well I guess it’s not. I am actually in love with another guy, the point is I understood the situation that I am having now, the man who gave me these stuff is someone who’ll always be worth my time and memory I love him but not as much as I loved him before and the love that I have for this someone new can’t just be compared to that past HE.

Of course for a quite long time now after the break-up no one has ever done what he has done the effort the surprises the risks and all the best wonderful times that we had. (How I wish he could still remember those crazy stuffs)

Before, I wished that all the memories that we had would be erased totally in my system in my entire senses yet I realized that those were indeed significant, not to compare those to the next guy I’ll officially all my next but to build my standards to have a clear ground on who I really want to be soon. Those experiences will always remind me of my value as a sweet little girl who fell for a handsome angel like him.

There’s just this feeling in me that could never be gone sine he was my first love, yet I am very much sure that I set free of the love that I have it’s just a matter of the mind and heart that I have now he’s worth remembering that’s how irresistible to me.

I wish to burn those and return the ashes to him hahahaha! Well that’s 100% bitterness alive but that’s just a joke. I should be thanking him for this and so I texted him;



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