An Open Letter to Him ❤️📜

The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew from the start that there will never be a promise of being with me for all the days and seconds of my life, but I want to let you know that that was the very start of madly and deeply falling in love with you and everything about you that you chose your life to be. 
Declaring that I want to be a part of your life is a wonderful and a challenging decision I could ever make but I always know its worth it especially when you decided to let me in as well. We will just have to stay strong. That makes us one though very much apart of space of time.
I will promise to understand the duties entitled for you, don’t mind me cry, don’t mind me weep and don’t mind me getting upset or sad when you leave, I know you will but these just mean I miss you and I will always do because I adore you as part of me and I will never know the date of you coming back. I promise to keep myself patient even if you’ll shut me down a lot of times and I promise to consider you and your mission in my peak. I will never ever blame anything for the times that you are not with me. I will honor my promise to just only be you and no one but you hoping that you will also do the same. 
I will promise to keep what we established together. Your reminders will be my creed. I will be loyal but please be loyal too! I will make sure that the very moment of feeling in love with you will be the same or much even more when we’ll be together again. I will treasure what you promise and you better promise me that it will just me as yours alone. The journeys and memories together will be my calendar to await for you excitedly and consistently.
I promise to pray fervently for your safety and to the rest of your mates. I may not know all your salient whereabouts but please keep yourself safe. I will always be devoted to the updates of your troupe and please do understand that I will always worry for you. 
The country is your foremost priority. I noted that already. Stay motivated to serve and keep up. Be strong and make sure that your safety will be your second priority. This may sound selfish but I just want to let you know that your family, friends and I are here to see you alive and sound. You mean so much to us so please be inspired to keep yourself together for the country and us. 
Right this time, You already know how proud I am that I have you as a part of me. No words can express how I admire your will and heart to serve and that makes you, making me adore you more. 
Till we see each other again and I will always promise to make you happy every time we will be together again. Even for a short while, even for a very short period of time. I will never complain of those dirty black boots, the burns and shots you got from your duty, or even your haggard face arriving home perhaps! I will cook what you desire to eat and I will definitely spoil you because I know you miss these too. I won’t be breaking these just because I’m bored, sad, threatened or worried about what ahead of us may bring, I will promise to be stronger than anybody else because I am so much in love with an incredible and notable warrior of my country. I will be tough and brave too! I will prevent myself from temptations that will lead to your heart broken. I will be yours forever. Keep serving and I will be devoted to my tasks as a public servant as well and as your beloved. 


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