One Month and Fifteen Days

     February 27, 2016 was  not really an important date to behold but because God makes so many surprises, when you least expect it, a momentous event change the hell out of me, that was the very date of seeing him in person…

     We aint close, we didn’t even shake hands or talk, I never even asked from anyone of them (vistors) to like me in my tribal Bukidnon dress, and my make up… So it was far! Far enough to care for anybody’s eyes to see. But crap! I ate all I said when a simple, good looking, a lil hot, meaningful rounded eyes, dominant ears and a stiff, snappy body guy caught my eyes. We were a table apart but that didn’t stop me from glancing at him every now and then for I might not see him anymore after the event.

     My heart was bleeding already when he was with my other co-usherette and I was like “i should have sat there next and near that hottie!”. And he was already talking to her, asking for her digits at the same time. 😢 OKAY! Then I immediately decided to just let it go and move on because I would be able to see then na din naman. 

March 4, 2016 – a good news lightened me up! 😀 He ACCEPTED my friend request and I hurriedly told him thanks. Ilang days pa siya nagreply kaya imbyerna nalang din siya sa isip ko those days, pero nung March 25 na and onwards nagkukulitan na kami! 😇☺️😍

JUNE 2, 2016 came ang that was the happiest day/night ever. I suppose to say good night pero kinulit na nya akooooo! Ganern! So sa date n yN nagsimulabg magkand leche2 ang buhay ko na uto-utong naniniwala sa mga sinabi niya. 

Kaya sawi. . .   


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