Rediscovering Balisbisan Falls

It was July 16, 2016 and because it’s a Saturday, a surprise trip made me a ‘lil bit excited of my come back to a heavenly place found in Impasugong, the “Tribal Capital of Bukidnon” and is soon to be hailed as the “Tourism Capital of Bukidnon”, the newly discovered Balisbisan Falls.


The ride was just 20 minutes from the municipal waiting shed and as soon as we arrived at the place, I mean the gateway (not the falls yet!) we were welcomed by the caretaker of the falls. He asked for a Php 20.00 entrance fee for each of us. So the journey of going back to the very steep falls started.


It was hard! Yes it was because the road to go there was not yet developed, we had to go down a tall mountain and trek for 30-40 minutes for first timers. The surrounding was filled with corn plantation but the view around was captivating since from there, the other falls could be seen. So, still very amazing!


The site was like a giant pan or let me just say a huge basin and around it are the chain of falls of Balisbisan. So I won’t be too verbose about these so lemme just fill this up with scenic shots that I got from the very waters of the falls down to the smallest details of plants that could be found in this captivating and heavenly spot not yet really unveiled from the general public.

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