Who is Flying?

That’s the Way Darling is!

Photo-0003 (2)IMG_0015IMG_0028_webcamera360_20140118143342Once upon a time, there lived a couple who were both scientists, they love to explore the world especially the sea together with each other. They called each other “darling”. When they got married they decided to live near the sea to continue their interest, until time came the girl got pregnant. They were very happy and very thankful for the blessing.

One morning the couple decided to have a walk at the seashore, they walked and walked until they both got tired and decided to rest for a while. But the girl was pale, she told her husband that her womb is aching, the girl is going to deliver their child!

The boy was not prepared for the delivery of their baby. Until he found a very big shell, with a very big pearl on it, he quickly got it and placed his wife inside the shell, the baby was safely delivered, but his wife died after the delivery. He was very sad for what had happened but still he must go with his life together with their baby. He named the baby DARLING PEARL, in memory of his darling and the pearl which he got the time when the baby was delivered.

This is the most interesting story Darling Pearl ever heard. When he was young up to the present this story is her favorite. Of course its the story why she got her beatiful name. His father got this story including the name from his teacher when he was still studying. He never forgot the story and applied as a part of his life, thats when Darling came, named her that name, and introduced to her that wonderful story.

When you say Darling Pearl, it’s just like saying “a sweet teasure” or “a precious one”.

Darling Pearl J. Ranalan never gets tired of talking, she loves socializing with other people. She discovered a lot of learnings of life and most of those learnings were from her mistakes. She accepts failures and defeats but she never say die, she always do her best to get something she want to have. She loves to engage herself in the different activities such as religius events and school activities.

Thats the way she manage life and that’s the way Darling is!


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